Reliance Instrument Stands

Reliance Instrument Delivery Systems are the perfect complement to our exam chairs and stools. Their world-class reputation and long-lasting functionality help give you the peace of mind you need to provide your patients with the best care.

Each delivery system offers unique attributes to address a variety of needs.

All Reliance Instrument Stands have passed rigorous testing by CSA, which assures its quality and safety for you and your patients.



Reliance 7800 Instrument Stand

A range of options for optimal instrument delivery

The 7800 instrument stand complements any Reliance examination chair to efficiently deliver diagnostic instruments.

It is available with instrument wells (IC) or without (NC).

REliance 7900 Instrument Stand

Sleek design for maximum patient access

This contemporary instrument stand uses the same polycarbonate used on supersonic aircraft to resist scrapes, scratches, and scuffs. A unique injection molding process creates a unique color, creating a noteworthy style.

This model is available with instrument wells (IC) or without (NC).

Reliance 8700 Instrument Stand

Reliance 8700 INstrument Stand

Sleek and economical

Created for practices with an eye on image and budget, the 8700 instrument stand offers worry-free operation for the life of a practice. Its contemporary styling and top-quality features make it perfectly compatible with any Reliance exam or procedure chair.

An economy instrument stand with top features and functions

  • The 8700’s counterbalanced slit lamp arm lets you effortlessly position the lamp with one hand.
  • Three recharging wells ensure a steady power supply for medical equipment.
  • Membrane switches that last 10 times longer than mechanical counterparts are standard on this model. They control a chart projector, and the raise, lower, and auto down function of a Reliance exam chair.
  • Wheelchair compatible
  • Standard overhead halogen lamp for energy-efficient, bright light
  • Matches any Reliance exam or procedure chair in style and functio

Reliance 8722 Instrument stand

Delivers on style and stability—within any budget

The 8722 allows for the placement of two diagnostic instruments on the translating table top of the lower arm. It is compatible with any Reliance low model chair.

Tabletop System

The table top is designed primarily for any model slit lamp in the first examination position with another instrument of choice in the second position.

  • Sliding surface seamlessly transitions patient from one instrument to another
  • Converts to writing space without a second instrument
  • Dual-pivot arm accommodates patients of any size without changing the center line
  • Safety switch plate automatically stops elevation of the chair when touched by a patient’s legs
  • Fixed tabletop height of 35.5” from the floor
  • Accommodates left-handed exam rooms (please indicate when ordering)
  • Standard upper refractor arm with a vertical tilt of 10”, able to accommodate instruments up to 20 pounds
  • Overhead lamp with energy efficient halogen bulb for energy efficiency and safety
  • Three rechargeable instrument wells
  • Ultra-resilient, long-lasting membrane switches that control chair functions


Reliance 8722 Instrument Stand

Unique sliding table top design!

Command Center

Command Center



The 905S Pendulum Delivery System centralizes instrument and room light controls in one integrated system.

How it works

The tabletop lifts from its storage position and delivers the slit lamp to a position in front of the patient. As the tabletop settles into place, the slit lamp automatically turns on. Special cylinders cushion the table, assuring a smooth delivery. Once in place, the table top offers a stable and spacious work surface. The tabletop can be moved laterally to position the second instrument, which also powers up automatically.

Cabinetry is integrated into the unit, but the system may be purchased without it.

Command Center

The 905S's Control Package centralizes controls for all room lights, houses three rechargeable instrument wells, and switches to raise, lower, and auto return the examination chair.

Moving instruments, such as positioning the slit lamp, automatically trigger a lighting scene you have pre-selected. As you withdraw instruments, lights return to previous levels.

An indirect hanger mounts on the main unit or pole, automatically turns off the room lights as the indirect ophthalmoscope is removed.


The cabinetry is integrated into Pendulum Delivery System. It is designed to deliver trial lenses, and accommodate imaging displays and computer systems. The Pendulum may be purchased without the desk, so you may add your own personalized cabinetry.

The model 905, featuring wood painted #20 Pearl, is also available.

Pendulum sinks and overhead cabinets are also available as an option.


Instruments within easy reach for more efficient procedures

Developed in collaboration with Christopher Riemann, M.D. of the Cincinnati Eye Institute, I-OPS is an ergonomically optimized Instrument Delivery System that allows physicians to perform intravitreal injections and other minor in-office procedures much more efficiently.

I-OPS eliminates wasted movements, saving time and improving patient flow as well as patient safety and comfort.

Patent pending.