Pre-Owned Finishing Equipment Values!


Essilor Kappa Tracer/Blocker, Model X95003

  • Cleaned and calibrated

  • Passes all self tests

  • Comes with calibration gauges

    • Essilor Block Adapter
      Reconditioned with full 90 day warranty, 115V, Call for price and availability.

Gamma Tracer/Blocker

Essilor Gamma Tracer/Blocker, Model X88002,

  • Cleaned and calibrated

  • Passes all self tests

  • Comes with calibration gauges

  • Essilor Block Adapter

  • 90 Day Warranty!

Call for price and availability.


Essilor, PosicentronESS/PosiBlocker-UEssilor Layout Blocker, Posicentron, 115V, Used $350.00

Edgemaster/Dimelp Layout Blocker, Manual type, Design similar to AIT Speede blocker swing arm. Features an open viewing mirror (cracked but useable). Reconditioned. 90 Day Warranty, 115V $295.00

AIT New Speede Blocker, New AIT/01001 AIT Speede Blocker, 115v, New, $950.00 

OMI, Align-a-Lens, OMI/045UOMI Layout Blocker, 115v, Reconditioned. 90 Day Warranty $300.00

Weco W1074-0011-00RC CD3,  Weco CD-3 Power Pack Layout Blocker, Weco Star Block, Reconditioned. 90 Day Warranty $350.00


Nikon EL-7S Lensmeter

  • LED light source! Very long lasting.

  • External readings

  • Ink cartridge marking pens

  • Power adapter or battery (2 x D cell- not included) operation. Great for travel!

  • Cleaned and calibrated by qualified technician. Perfect!

  • Ready for use!

  • Full 30 day warranty!

  • Satisfaction Guaranty!

$Sold but we have other options. Call today!


Topcon CL-100 Auto Lensmeter

Standard features of the CL-100 include a unique marking device with ink cartridges that provide clear marking, even on coated lenses. Measurements of hard or even soft contact lenses are also available. 
Additional Features 

  • Real-Time Target Display for Faster Measurements

  • Larger Target Displays

  • Real-Time Right/Left Transition

  • Axis Power Adjustable to 5º Steps for Easier Measurement

  • Diopter Accuracy Capability

  • Built in printer!

Small crack in plastic at the base.  See photos. Cosmetic only, will not affect use.
In working order, printer works. Comes with manual, 2x rolls of paper, and power cable.

Cleaned and calibration verified. Full 90 day warranty! $ Call for price and availability.



Essilor Mr. Blue Patternless Edging System

Essilor’s top of the line, do it all system!

  • Milling function for total axis control

  • Highest quality guaranteed on high curve jobs (“Full High Curve”)

  • “Step bevel” particularly suitable for sports glasses

  • Integrated lens engraving process (“M’eye Sign”)

  • Full automatic centering and blocking

  • Latest generation touch interface

Essilor Mr. Blue

Much more information available here

Fully reconditioned with 6 month warranty!

Installation and training is available.

Financing is available!

Call for price and current availability

Essilor Neksia Patternless Edging System

Essilor Neksia Edging System-(Stock photo)

Essilor Neksia Patternless Edging System, with Tracer/Blocker. This is the next generation of the venerable Kappa line of workhorse edging systems! 
Reconditioned. 180 Day Warranty! 

Call for Price and availability
Much more info available here

Essilor Kappa System-Reconditioned w/New Wheels! Stock Photo

Essilor Kappa System-Reconditioned w/New Wheels! Stock Photo

Essilor Kappa Patternless Edging System, with Tracer/Blocker, Fast, Easy and Accurate , Fully Reconditioned with full 180 day warranty, 115V

Essilor Kappa SPX M10 Edger 
Essilor Kappa L10 Tracer/Blocker 

Processes all plastic materials, bevels, grooves, polishes! 
200 job tracer memory with barcode readers 
Shape modification available. 
Completely refurbished and ready for use. 

New wheels! 

Tracer 9 7/8″ wide x 10 5/8″ deep x 6 1/4″ high ( 250 mm x 270 mm x 160 mm)
Edger 22″ wide x 22″ deep x 21″high (535mm x 560 mm x 515 mm)

Weight: Edger 128 lbs /58 kg Tracer/Blocker 35lbs.

Installation and training available. 
Financing available. 
Call for a great price! 

Special Pricing-Call Today!


Briot Accura CX Patternless Edging System, All-in-one unit with integrated tracer and blocker. Used unit in good working condition. Plastic and Glass capable. (No safety bevel or groove function) $5995

Essilor Sigma Patternless Edging System, with built in blocker and separate tracer. Will process all plastics and glass lenses. No grooving or safety bevel feature on this unit.
Reconditioned with full 90 day warranty, 115V

Call for Price and current availability

Santinelli/Nidek 9000Sx Express (stock photo)

Santinelli 9000SX Express Patternless Edger, All plastic materials, Safety Bevel, Grooves, and polishes, Reconditioned with full 90 day warranty, 115v

Call for price and current availability

Santinelli LE7070 Patternless Edger, Plastic and Glass capable unit. Good Used Unit, 90 day warranty. $4950

Santinelli LE-7070 (stock photo)

Many other options are available. Call or email today!