Pre-Owned Finishing Equipment Values!


Gamma Tracer/Blocker

Essilor Gamma Tracer/Blocker, Model X88002,

  • Cleaned and calibrated
  • Passes all self tests
  • Comes with calibration gauges 
  • Essilor Block Adapter 
  • 90 Day Warranty!



Essilor, PosicentronESS/PosiBlocker-UEssilor Layout Blocker, Posicentron, 115V, Used $350.00

AIT New Speede Blocker, New AIT/01001 AIT Speede Blocker, 115v, New, $950.00 

OMI, Align-a-Lens, OMI/045UOMI Layout Blocker, 115v, Used $300.00

Weco W1074-0011-00RC CD3,  Weco CD-3 Power Pack Layout Blocker, Weco Star Block, Reconditioned. 90 Day Warranty $350.00

Patternless Edgers

Briot Accura CX Patternless Edging System, All-in-one unit with integrated tracer and blocker. Used unit in good working condition. Plastic and Glass capable. (No safety bevel or groove function) $5995

Essilor Kappa Patternless Edging System, with Tracer/Blocker, Fast, Easy and Accurate , Reconditioned with full 90 day warranty, 115V $12,500.00

Santinelli 9000SX Patternless Edger, All plastic materials, Safety Bevel, Grooves, and polishes, Reconditioned with full 90 day warranty, 115v $9950

Santinelli LE7070 Patternless Edger, Plastic and Glass capable unit. Good Used Unit, 90 day warranty. $4950

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