Patternless Lens Edging Systems

Patternless edgers have come a long way since we started business back in 1989! 

In house edging is now very easy, accurate, and can easily fit into any practice.

Are you missing out on:

  • Being able to offer fast service?

  • Patient retention?

  • Lost Profits?

  • Are your patients going down the street because you can't offer same day service?

We are proud to offer New, Reconditioned and Used systems from Essilor Instruments.



Mr. Blue 2.0

Essilor Mr. Blue 2.0 Lens Edging System

Give your talent the tools it deserves

Mr. Blue 2.0 is on the cutting edge of innovation – serving as a genuine ECP partner since its launch. Now featuring a whole range of new functions and even greater flexibility than before, Mr. Blue 2.0 is the perfect solution for:

  • Working with cutting edge technology

  • Differentiating your offerings

  • Optimizing your edging process

Essilor Mr. Orange Edging System

A perfectly balanced concentrate of technology

Thanks to its perfect balance of speed and performance, Mr. Orange lens edging system sets a simple and accessible standard for even the most difficult jobs. Whatever the finish or curvature of the lens, its wide array of functions guarantees top quality results.

Mr. Orange

Mr. Orange



Essilor Neksia Lens Edging System

Everything you need to race through your workloads

The next generation of KAPPA – the simple and reliable edging solution for my daily workflow, because some letters inspire confidence.

With Neksia, Essilor combines years of experience in high-performance and precision edging into one of the most user-friendly and productive systems in the world.

essilor Delta 2 lens edging system

We reinvent simplicity for you

Do you lack space or have budget constraints? Are you looking for solutions that are simple, user-friendly and more intuitive? Do you need to increase productivity while you maintain compatibility with mechanical tracers?

Delta2 is the compact edging system to incorporate more comfort, speed, precision and versatility to your practice.

Essilor Delta 2

Essilor Delta 2

Essilor PRO-E 600 Edging System

Essilor PRO-E 600 Edging System

Pro-E 600 Edging System

Edge ahead without compromise

Pro-E 600 has whole-new fast processes designed to increase productivity that is essential for high-volume labs. The wide range of finishing options are delivered with a high level of accuracy and aim to maximize efficiency and turn time. Reliable, compact, cost-effective, and easy to integrate into any lab, Pro-E 600 addresses every forward-thinking lab looking for an innovative solution.


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