K2 Tables

K2 Tables provide a platform that is easily adaptable for use with medical and scientific instrumentation. Our tables are height adjustable - ACP Technology ensures the highest standards of performance and reliability.

What is ACP Technology?

Adaptive Column Positioning

K2 Tables are designed with proprietary adaptable and interchangeable features. A single K2 Table can be assembled in a variety of different ways to meet the requirements of virtually any instrument, or group of instruments. This concept, known as Adaptive Column Positioning (ACP Technology), brings unprecedented benefit to our customers.


What are the benefits of ACP Technology?

K2 Tables adapt to any instrument configuration.

Let K2 Tables adapt to the way YOU do business. There are situations where certain instruments will function best when placed on a table with a CENTER-mounted column; other times instruments need a FAR-LEFT or FAR-RIGHT column mount; and still others will require a MID-LEFT or MID-RIGHT column position. To accommodate ALL of these situations and instrument configurations, inventorying just a single K2 column and base will suffice.

Column rotation saves office space.

Furthering adaptability in YOUR space, the column can be rotated on its center axis and mounted at 90°, 180°, 270°, and 360° in order to position the column's electrical auxiliary box and line cord to the desired position for your particular application. These important features allow K2 Tables to easily adjust to any room condition or application, to accommodate a variety of table top sizes and shapes, and to support countless instrument configurations.