PD Meters / Pupilometers


GOE 414N10L PD Meter Pupilometer

GOE414-10L PD Meter

Very accurate and extremely easy to use!, Simply align the mechanical hairspring at the reflecting point of light on the patients cornea.
Highly reliable electronics and large, highly visible LCD digital display makes it a pleasure to use.  LED light source and low power consumption make for a long battery life.
Integrated +2.00D eyesight compensation lens slides in line to aid presbyopic users! 
Built in calibration checking system! Easily check accuracy yourself! Vertex distance measurement function allow you to measure distance from patients cornea to the lens surface.


  • Binocular or Monocular Measurement
  •  Binocular pupillary distance: 45~82 mm 
  •  Accurate to within: ≤0.5 mm 
  •  Distance of target: 30 cm~∞ 
  •  Power source: Voltage:  DC 3V via 2 AA batteries.
  •  Time for automatic shutoff:   About 1 minute after stopping operation, or turn it off manually. 
  •  Size:233mm(L)×165mm(W)×70mm(H)  Net Weight:    1.49lbs / 0.68kg