GOE LM101 Manual Lensmeter

GOE LM101 Manual Lensmeter

GOE LM 101 Lensmeter

The GOE LM101 Lensmeter will measure conventional spectacle lenses and will incline a full 90-degrees which allows the measurement of soft, and hard contact lenses.

Standard equipment on the LM101 includes a prism compensator, external power and axis readings, and an American-style cross-line target. The oversized lens table permits the measurement of conventional lenses from 30 to 90 millimeters in diameter. This instrument is well suited for laboratory or office use.

Technical Data

  • Type Manual; external reading

  • Target American Cross-line

  • Vertex Power Range: +20 to -20 diopters

  • Step: 0.125 diopters up to ±3 diopters 0.25 diopters beyond ±3 diopters

  • Cylindrical Axis 0 to 180 degrees Step: 1 degree

  • Prismatic Power Range: 5 prism diopters in a viewfield

  • 20 prism diopters by prism compensator - Step: 1 prism diopter

  • Eyepiece Compensation +5 to -5 diopters

  • Elevation Angle 0 to 90 degrees

  • Dimensions: 170mm (W) x 450mm (D) x 224mm (H)

  • Weight Approximately 14 lbs.

  • Finish/Color Black

  • Lamp AC 100V to 120V; LED Light!

Warranty Full 1 year parts and labor and 30 day SATISFACTION GUARANTY!

Great Value!!!