Acuity Pro v.9 Digital Acuity System

Software only or fully configured with All-in-one PC!

Acuity Pro is a state-of-the-art computerized acuity testing program. The latest version provides the ability to integrate with Marco Refraction Models: RT-2100*, RT 3100 & RT 5100. All charts in these instruments are available as well as access to all Acuity Pro features -including the photo and video libraries - via the 56 key custom remote. Other features include a white on black optotype option, easy importation of photos or videos, manual advance in slideshow mode for Nanolectures®, 6 standard ETDRS charts, crowding bar function, variable fixation dot sizes and Picture-in-Picture feature for use with dual monitor setups. Acuity Pro has been used by NASA on the International Space Station since 2013 to evaluate the contrast sensitivity, acuity and macular integrity of the astronauts while in space.

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