Wave Analyzer Medica 700 Wavefront Aberrometer

Fast and fully automatic:
7-in-1 measurement solution

The WAVE ANALYZER is a fast and effective automatic aberrometer that provides 7 different detailed measures in one easy-to-use solution. With wireless connectivity, it facilitates the sharing of results with patients and transfer of data for follow-up monitoring or action.

  • Based on wavefront and Shack-Hartmann technology

  • Large touch screen makes it simple to navigate or follow the progression of measurement cycle

  • Easy data sharing with clear and customizable result reports

  • Comprehensive measurements :

    • 1/100 diopter refraction for day and night vision

    • Low and high order aberration with simulation of vision quality

    • Topography and pupillometry for contact lens fitting and keratoconus detection

    • Retro-illumination of crystalline lens for opacity check and cataract screening

    • Scheimpflug-based pachymetry and tonometry for secured glaucoma screening


  • All measures are automatically performed by the device once the chin rest level is adjusted.

  • Intuitive navigation and measurement cycle progression on the large touch screen

  • Performs 7 measurements in 90 seconds.


  • Clear and customizable result reports

  • XML-based technology for easy data and image transfer