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The all new GOE Premium Hand Edger is designed for use with all lens materials. The unit features a large coolant drip tank that supplies always fresh coolant. The dual mesh brass bonded wheel is a full 35 mm wide and has a hide-a-bevel groove for quick touch ups. Unlike electroplated wheels that last only a year or two, a brass bonded wheel ensures many years of reliable service.

Features include:
• Ultra Small and Compact
• Smooth running, quiet operation
• Large Coolant Drip Tank
• 35mm Wide Brass Bond Diamond
• Dual Mesh Wheel with a fine section and rough section for quick material take off.
• Hide-a-Bevel Groove
• Edges All Materials Glass, Plastic and Polycarbonate
• 8.5” wide x 14” deep x 11” tall
• 19 lbs. Shipping weight
• 115V. 60 hz

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